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《SIFU LEONGSIR AUSPICIOUS GRAND FENGSHUI SHENG JI CEREMONY 群体种生基大典: 八月份。润六月。好时机。种生基》 Successfully Completed The Grand FengShui Sheng Ji Ceremony on Monday 21 August 2017 at Universal Memorial Park, Semenyih. This Grand FengShui Sheng Ji Ceremony is one of the biggest group Feceremony held in Malaysia with more than 60 participants. The Ceremony looks like Chinese New Year celebration wearing Red with the Welcoming of Wealth God song. Full of happiness, excitement and joyous environment that brings everyone to higher energy mood in performing the Sheng Ji Ceremony. SIFU LEONGSIR has put in a lot of his energy effort to prepare and energise your Sheng Ji pot. For weeks, Sifu Leongsir was organising, planning and arranging the ceremony to ensure the whole ceremony is full of high and happiness energy so that everyone received the best of the best. Take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to Dato Sam, founder of Universal Memorial Park, Mr Hew (General Manager), Leesan (Head of Marketing), Dr PHANG, Ms Koo and all Memorial Park staffs. Without your support and cooperation, Sifu Leongsir won't able to make this Ceremony a succesfull one. This Grand Sheng Ji Ceremony: Not only a great memorable moment in life but also an amazing life-time experience for everyone who has joined this Grand Sheng Ji Ceremony. Your Meaningful Life Begins From Here😄 "ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE" 【群体种生基大典:八月份·润六月·好时机·种生基】 刚於2017年8月21日(星期一)在慈航山庄圆满的举办了群体种生基大典。这是在马来西亚举行最大型的种生基仪式之一,参与者超过了 60 人。 该典礼进行时就像欢庆春节一样,大家都穿着红衣裳、听着财神到等音乐。这个仪式充满了欢乐和激情,大家都一贯的保持了高能量等情绪。 LEONGSIR师父为大家的生基盎注入了大量的精力,同时也注入许多能量。LEONGSIR师父用了多个星期来组织、策划和安排整个种生基大典,务必确保整个大典都处在很高和欢乐的能量里,也希望每个人都能得到最好的能量和效果。 借此机会向慈航山庄的创办人 Dato Sam、总经理 Mr Hew、市场经理 LeeSan, Dr PHANG, Ms Koo和全体慈航山庄的员工们致谢。如果没有大家的支持和配合,Leongsir 师父将不能成功的举办这个仪式。 在这个群体种生基大典里,不只是人生中一个难得的时刻,更将是所有参与者一生中奇妙和难忘的经历。 您有意义的人生从这里开始!LEONGSIR师父借此机会祝福大家心想事成!

Posted by Leongsir 梁庸陞师傅 on Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Master Leongsir

Founder & President of International Feng Shui Masters Association

Head Advisor of 6 Countries Yi-Ology Summit

Official Feng Shui Consultant Advisor for Nirvana Memorial Group

As a successful entrepreneur in the Educational field, LEONGSIR owns his private institution of tuition centres. He started to learn & became interested in FENGSHUI when FENGSHUI started to show PROVEN RESULTS for his own business, resulting from 1 centre and expanding to 6 centres, from less than a 100 students, it grew to a few thousand students….

With deepening interest towards FENGSHUI, LEONGSIR started in depth studies, embarking on further research in CLASSICAL FENGSHUI & I-CHING with his beloved GURU - GRANDMASTER YAP CHENG HAI.

As one of the top named FENGSHUI MASTER in INTERNATIONAL FENGSHUI FIELDS, LEONGSIR has been promoting the secrets of Classical Fengshui culture to the world through Seminar Talks to large Corporates, media & newspaper industry. With his sense of humor hosting his seminars, he has build up a group of great followers in this modern society.

LEONGSIR has developed a proper structured Classical Fengshui course for those who appreciates and desire to study more about our ancient FENGSHUI philosophy created by our Great Grandmasters in China 3000 years ago. Many of his students have become successful FENGSHUI practitioners & teachers, and some even become successful businessmen after practicing FENGSHUI themselves.

Being a truly INTERNATIONAL FENGSHUI MASTER, LEONGSIR’s practice has been carried out throughout the world. He holds close to his heart his personal objective to educate the youths of modern times to gain better knowledge and appreciate the culture of Classical FengShui, in order to cultivate one's morality, improving their health & wealth, and to promote an enriching experience towards social responsibility by contributing more positive energy.



Enhance Family Harmony and Create a Comfortable Living Environment.

  • Single / Double Storey House
  • Condominium / Apartment
  • Bungalow / Semi-D


To Maximize The Revenue And Growth For The Commercial Property.

  • Shop
  • Office
  • Factory


Evaluating The Overall External Environment For Long Term Growth.

  • Land for Bungalow
  • Land for Shopping Mall
  • Land for Office
  • SOHO projects

Yin Feng Shui

Ensure The Entire Family Be Blessed With Wealth, Nobility And Prosperity For Many Generations.

  • Selection of Tomb
  • Tomb Design
  • Funeral Advices


Ensure The Entire Family Be Blessed With Wealth, Nobility And Prosperity For Many Generations.

  • Annual Dinner
  • Launching
  • Exhibition
  • Private Event

Feng Shui Courses

Secret Feng Shui Numbers 1

An ancient life destiny code breaker based on I-CHING studies that allows you to know more about your entire life destiny.

Secret Feng Shui Numbers 2

In level 2, students will learn in depth about the destiny code and its hidden character. Master Leongsir will also guide how to remedy the weak code.

Destiny Secret of Feng Shui Numbers

In Secret Numbers, you will learn to DECODE your own life destiny code, your wealth, career and health luck and 10 Years Luck Cycle.

Classical Feng Shui 1-4

You will learn the hidden Secret Formula of Eight Mansions. You will be guide using luo pan to find the auspicious sectors in your house.

Feng Shui Books

2018 Feng Shui Book

  • English E-Book RM 25.75


  • 电子书 RM 25.75

2017 Feng Shui Book

  • English E-Book RM 22.40


  • 电子书 RM 22.40

2016 Feng Shui Book

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  • 电子书 RM 18.90

2015 Feng Shui Book

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  • 电子书 RM 18.90

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